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Foreign Investments in Dubai growing

Foreign Investments in Dubai growing

Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI), an agency of the Department of Economic Development- Government of Dubai, has announced new achievements for Dubai’s global foreign direct investment (FDI) rankings and results for 2015 in its first ‘Dubai FDI Monitor’ reports series.

According to FT (Financial Times) Markets data quoted in the reports, Dubai attracted AED 28.6 billion in greenfield FDI in 2015 and the report shows another record year for Dubai with 16% growth in the number of greenfield FDI projects to 279, compared to 240 in 2014, and nearly AED 20 billion (US$5.3 billion) of FDI inflows.

The Dubai FDI Monitor report shows that Saudi Arabia, US, UK, India, and Kuwait were the top five source countries for FDI to Dubai in 2015, generating a total of AED 14.9 billion or (US$4) billion and representing 76% of total FDI for the whole year. As for the largest number of projects in 2015, the top five source countries were US, UK, India, Germany and Switzerland generating a total of 168, or 60%, of total FDI projects.

Pointing to a strong technology component in capital inflows to the emirate, the Dubai FDI Monitor report reveals that 71% of FDI projects in 2015 qualified as high and medium tech, generating 59% of total FDI.

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