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DIFC Branch Office structures

DIFC Branch Office structures

The core of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) concept is an independent regulator, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) which grants licences and regulates the activities of the financial institutions of the DFIC.

Why bring your business to the DIFC

  • There are many benefits of moving to the DFIC including
  • A 50 year zero tax rate on income and profits
  • The ability to repatriate capital and profit without restrictions
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • International stock exchange
  • Wide range of legal vehicles with flexible structuring
  • The DFSA acting as an independent regulatory authority connected to all major global jurisdictions
  • English Common law structures underpinning an international legal system
  • Access to the array of double taxation treaties operating in the UAE
  • A fully fledged onshore capital market in the same league as Hong Kong, London and New York.
  • Integrated service for visas and work permits via Ministry of Labour and Department of Immigration

EMICapital’s bespoke service for DIFC Branch Structure establishment

Setting up in the DIFC requires business registration and financial services licensing for both individuals and corporate structures. EMICapital’s team - based in the UAE - has deep experience of creating the right entities for each client, but much more than simple advisory services, the EMICapital process includes the establishment of relationships that give each DIFC structure the partners and business links that lead to success. This is vitally important - the World Economic Forum ranks UAE as one of the top 20 countries for competitiveness globally - so establishing the right structures, the right relationships and the best route to success is key.

Our Dubai team are integrated into the working life of the DIFC and have excellent links with the Business Development Department of the DIFC Authority which is the keystone to successful bedding into the powerful Dubai business community. The Business Development Department is perfectly aligned with the focus sectors of the DIFC itself: banking and brokerage services; Islamic finance; wealth management; re- and captive insurance; ancillary services; business infrastructure and corporate offices. EMICapital’s Dubai office has expert advisors in each of these sectors who offer profound understanding of the structures and working processes of the DIFC.

Finally, our local specialist knowledge ensures that we simplify the visa process for our clients and have authoritative expertise in immigration procedures and well as offering straightforward access to the relevant process streams at both the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Immigration.

Continuing success in the DIFC with EMICapital

Nor do we simply establish a business entity for our clients and walk away once the Registrar of Companies has incorporated their structure. The EMICapital service is a complete suite of support, advice and relationship-building that extends into business advisory services and ensures that, where appropriate in the financial services sector, we can assist our clients with the regulatory requirement administered by the DFSA.

Begin the process of successful branch establishment in Dubai

The undoubted benefits of DIFC branch structure establishment are available to many corporates and individuals. EMICapital offers a proven effective route to successful branch structure creation and business growth in the DIFC, underpinned by deep knowledge of working life in the financial centre itself. Contact us today to explore how we can help you bring your business to Dubai successfully.

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